A get-well message to Robert Novak

Mr. Novak – I was sorry to hear the news about your health; despite my feelings about your political stances and activities please let me assure you that I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

And towards that end, let me make a suggestion. I have heard it said, and it makes sense to me, that sometimes tumors are the result of holding on to toxins, to poisonous stuff that your system really wants to release. Sometimes that means toxic substances; sometimes that means toxic thoughts; in your case I suspect it means toxic information. You are holding on to something, Mr. Novak, some information that you know you should communicate, and holding on to it, frankly, is killing you. I think the best thing you could do for yourself (and for the country, incidentally) is tell everything that you know, while you still possess the ability. Get the guilt and pressure off your mind. Do the right thing. Do the healthy thing.

Best Wishes,
/ / skip
Skip Mendler
Honesdale PA


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