Did right-wing pundits cause the 9/11 attacks?

Q. Why did Bin Laden think he could get away with attacking America?

A. Because he thought America’s military – and America’s spirit – had been weakened.

Q. Was that in fact the case?

A. Obviously not, as US armed forces & their allies were able to remove the Taliban from power fairly quickly.

Q. So how would Bin Laden have gotten that impression?

A. There must have been some group of people spreading that impression in the media during the Clinton years.

Q. Who could that have been?

A. Right-wing politicians, pundits, and radio talkshow hosts, who spent a lot of time attacking Clinton’s military policies, and who also strongly resisted US involvement in the Bosnian wars.

Q. So you’re saying that Rush Limbaugh caused 9/11?

A. I’m saying that rightwingers may have created an impression of American weakness, and that may have facilitated Bin Laden’s decision to attack.

Q. They’re not going to like that suggestion.

A. Oh well.


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