PA State Row Offices (Attorney General, Auditor, Treasurer)

In what are called the “row offices” – Attorney General, Auditor, and Treasurer – unfortunately the Greens don’t have a ballot line this time.  But there are a couple of folks worth voting for or writing in, and one vote that I’ll cast mostly as a favor.

As a general principle, I think the line offices lend themselves very well to third parties, as they all should be trans-partisan watchdogs keeping their eyes on Republicans and Democrats alike.

Marakay Rogers, a human rights lawyer from York and former Green candidate for AG and Governor, is running for AG again, this time on the Libertarian ticket.  She’s very strong on LGBT and social justice issues.  Anyone concerned about the death penalty, prison reform, gun control, civil liberties, privacy, and equal treatment before the law should be voting for Marakay.

For Auditor, I’m going to write in the name of former Green gubernatorial candidate Michael Morrill.  Michael is a longtime progressive and activist for social change, and is presently head of Keystone Progress.  He is a registered Democrat at this point, but I believe he’s got the moral compass to be fair and evenhanded, and his knowldge of the system in Harrisburg tells me that he’d be perfect for the job. 

For Treasurer, I’m going to do the Libertarians a favor and vote for their guy Berlie Etzel, despite the fact that he’s much more anti-abortion and pro-gun than I would usually look for in a candidate.  (Fortunately, as Treasurer I don’t think he’d have a lot of impact on either of those issues.)  This is to help the LP maintain their ballot line – they’re partners with the Greens in the PA Ballot Access Coalition – and also because he puts as one of his priorities the investigation into the “Bonusgate” scandal.  I’m not so sure that the other candidates will be that aggressive in pursuing the truth in that matter.


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