The Election: Congress (PA-10, PA-14)

Here in the Tenth District of PA, we’re stuck with a much smaller range of choices for Congresscritter than for President. Basically we have two guys to choose from, both named Chris – and they’re also both Republicans, frankly, as far as I’m concerned. Incumbent Rep. Chris Carney is a right-of-center “Blue Dog” Democrat with connections to the neocons who got us into the Iraq mess in the first place, and challenger Chris Hackett is a “traditional values” conservative who opposes gay marriage rights and supports making English the “official language” of the US. 


I held my nose last time and voted for Carney given the urgency at the time of dethroning the Republicans in Congress.  (I needn’t have worried, actually, since his opponent was the scandalized Don Sherwood.)  This time around, I’m more ticked at the Congressional Democrats and their leadership, particularly for their stubborn and inexplicable refusal to do more to investigate and impeach and/or prosecute members of the Bush Regime.   They deserve a resounding slap on the wrist, if not a kick in the butt….! (I generally don’t believe in corporal punishment, but in thsi case I may make an exception!)


So there’s no way I can support Carney this time around, and there’s no way I’m voting for Hackett.  I do know a good man, though, in the Tenth District who is deserving of my support – and yours for that matter.


He’s a Green, and his name is Jay Sweeney.


Jay Sweeney is on the ballot already, for the third time in fact, as the Green Party candidate for State Representative from the 111th District.  His resume and stands on the issues can be found on his website.  He’s a honest, straightforward working man and small business owner, with no pretensions and a sincere desire to serve.  He supports single-payer health care, electoral reform, family farms, and civil liberties, and opposes gas drilling, the death penalty, and the war in Iraq.  True liberals and progressives in the Tenth District have no one on the ballot supporting their agenda.  Let’s prove that the pencil is mightier than the sword, and write in Jay Sweeney for Congress!


(PS — Those of you with the good fortune to live in the Fourteenth District have a great opportunity, and a great candidate to vote for in Titus North.  He’s not only highly qualified, he’s got a great sense of humor – check out his latest ad at his website, featuring his martial arts prowess! ;*)


2 responses to “The Election: Congress (PA-10, PA-14)

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  2. Delighted to find a yr Green Party summary, Skip }}}dare I say a straw boss, lol{{{{

    ….gotta keep the crows
    out of the cornfield, lol

    thanks, deep bow,
    Sweeney it is
    “Bring Home Pa National Guard”


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