Obama: Meet with Nader!

Check out the videos here:

I was particularly struck by Ralph’s comment (very near the end of the first clip) that he didn’t expect Obama to meet with him. “I guarantee you, he won’t invite me [to any meetings]…” he said.

And then, listening to Democracy Now! recently, as Robert Kuttner and Arun Gupta discussed what kind of popular-movement pressure will take to make Obama take a more progressive stance on economic issues, it occurred to me that we need to get Obama to do exactly that, to invite Ralph Nader to participate in his discussions about policy.

So I have set up a petition:


encouraging Obama to prove Ralph wrong and meet with him as soon as possible. Please check it out, sign it, and then please pass this info along, let’s see how many signatures we can gather while there is still time to have some influence…


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