Remember any Mnemonic Devices…?

Some person had an ad in this week’s New Yorker, soliciting contributions for a compendium of mnemonic devices (you know, things like “ROY G BIV” and “Mother Very Easily Made a Jelly Sandwich Using No…” – wait, that one should be different now, shouldn’t it?).  If you know some, send’em along to — here’s the one I sent in, a handy way to remember all Seven Dwarves:

I had a cold.  I was SNEEZY all the time, which made me very GRUMPY.  I tried antihistamines, but they just made me feel SLEEPY and DOPEY. So finally I went to see DOC.  “Don’t be BASHFUL,” he said, “just tell me all about it.”  So I did, and he recommended bed rest and hot soup, and now I am HAPPY!

Hope that’s helpful!


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