“Do the 9/11”

DO THE 9/11
Skip Mendler

(Much speculation has been directed towards the question of what Geo. W. Bush and his neocon cronies will do in their post-White House careers.  I believe they may go into the consulting business, advising other governments. ..)

I know government is difficult, governing is hard
Are your people gettin’ rowdy?  I got your trump card
It’ll keep your people busy and keep you from gettin’ fired
Do the 9/11
Do the 9/11
Do the 9/11

Just run around in circles throw your hands up in the air
Then go and fight a war someplace, it doesn’t matter where
When there’s only good’n’evil you don’t have to play fair
Do the 9/11…

Best thing for your economy is permanent war
Just call some crazy terrorists that’s what they’re there for
And once they’ve done their dirty work you’ll never be bored
Do the 9/11…

You can waste a lot of money make sure no one makes a dime
You can waste a lot of lives you can waste a lot of time
If it wasn’t you that’s doin’ it you know it’d be a crime
Do the 9/11…

You can butcher you can torture you can do it with style
Your people gettin’ hungry you just fill ’em with bile
Get some sadists on your staff they’ll do things to make you smile
Do the 9/11…

When the magic starts to falter when the magic starts to die
You can just shrug it off say you gave your best try
Didja make a big mess? LEAVE IT FOR THE NEXT GUY
Do the 9/11…


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