Some creative outlets…

Herewith, some of my favorite sites for inspiring or exercising creativity — or at least getting some good laughs.

  • The Halfbakery is, as you might gather from the name, a place for half-baked ideas.  There’s a remarkably detailed taxonomy, into which you can fit whatever flash of “Hey, why don’t they make a…” inspiration that might have come to you in the shower or in the car that day…
  • The Urban Dictionary is a repository for current slang, neologisms, and scatological synonyms.  Merriam-Webster’s Open Dictionary is similar, if considerably less informal.
  • Fantastic Contraption is a physics-based game that will test your ingenuity – and your ability to tear yourself away from the computer before 2 AM!
  • The folks at Funny Times magazine have created a Cartoon Playground where you can make your own cartoons, using stock characters and other elements.

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