A few more “THEN and NOW” items…

You may have seen that list of “Then and Now” items, including things like the following:

  • THEN: Long Hair… NOW: Longing for hair.
  • THEN: Keg… NOW: EKG.
  • THEN: Acid Rock… NOW: Acid Reflux.
  • THEN: Killer weed… NOW: Weed killer.
  • THEN: Rolling Stones… NOW: Kidney stones.
    And of course
  • THEN: “Whatever”… NOW: “Depends”

Well, I’ve come up with a few new ones… enjoy!


  • THEN: Scoring…
    NOW: Snoring
  • THEN: SDS consciousness-raising …
    NOW: LDL cholesterol-lowering
  • THEN: Raising hell…
    NOW: Raising HDL
  • THEN: “Let’s hear the ‘Fish Cheer’!”…
    NOW: “Let’s have the fish chowder!”
  • THEN: Rolling joints…
    NOW: Creaking joints.
  • THEN: “Are you taking The Pill?”…
    NOW: “How many pills are you taking?”
  • THEN: “Don’t worry, I have a condom”…
    NOW: “Don’t worry, I have a pacemaker”
  • THEN: “I wanna make it with you”…
    NOW: “I wanna make it up the stairs”
  • THEN: Afternoon Delight…
    NOW: Afternoon Naps
  • THEN: “Call me!”
    NOW: Colostomy
  • THEN: Nitrous oxide…
    NOW: Nyquil
  • THEN: “Right on! Power to the people!” …
    NOW: “Head-On! Directly to the forehead!”
  • THEN: Alice ‘s Restaurant …
    NOW: Country Kitchen Buffet
  • THEN: Dick Nixon …
    NOW: Dick Cheney
  • THEN: Amiri Baraka …
    NOW: Barack Obama
  • THEN: “WAR – what is it good for?” …
    NOW: “WAR – what is it good for?”
    (Well, maybe some things don’t change…! )

Feel free to add your own if you pass this on…


One response to “A few more “THEN and NOW” items…

  1. THEN: Quaaludes
    NOW: Kaopectate


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