Meghan McCain: “Old School” Republicans Are “Scared Sh*tless”

Read the Article (Meghan McCain: “Old School” Republicans Are “Scared Sh*tless”) at HuffingtonPost

OK, imagine this scenario:

1.Arlen Specter splits from the Republicans, gets together with folks like Lincoln Chaffee of RI and Chris Shays of CT and Mesdames Senators Snow & Collins from Maine and other moderate Republicans and forms a new centrist party.

2. Remaining Republicans split between Theocrats and big-gov Plutocrats when evangelicals finally realize that Mammon’s been playing them for suckers for years.

3. Ron Paul and small-government Libertarian Republicans go to their natural home, the Libertarian Party. Constitution Party sees gains from pro-defense “peace thru strength” voters.

4. Blue Dog and DLC Democrats – and probably Barack Obama, for that matter – join new centrist coalition…

5. …leaving the Democratic Party to the “Wellstone wing” left-liberals like Kucinich.

6. Labor folks expand Working Families Party beyond NY State.

7. Greenish Democrats (for whom even Kucinich is still too “establishment”) can finally rejoin their kin in the Green Party without worrying about the “spoiler” effect.

Yeah, I know, but I can dream, can’t I?


One response to “Meghan McCain: “Old School” Republicans Are “Scared Sh*tless”

  1. An update: as you probably know, Specter did leave the GOP, but didn’t start a new party – yet.


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