Iranian Ayatollahs & Wall Street – compare & contrast

Here’s something to think about…

Let’s compare and contrast (a) the role of the ayatollahs & Guardian Council within the governing structure of Iran and (b) the role of financial interests (Goldman Sachs et al.; a/k/a the “Masters of the Universe”) within the governing structure of the US.


  • Neither are elected by the people whose lives they affect/control.
  • Both can exert influence, if not outright control, over the decisions and actions of the nominal government.
  • Both have designed systems that make it very difficult to remove them from their positions of power.
  • Both are defended by ideologically motivated forces within the population.
  • Both keep the society from straying too far from strictly defined ideological boundaries.

Hmmm, perhaps we are on to something here? What do you think?


One response to “Iranian Ayatollahs & Wall Street – compare & contrast

  1. Yeah, but the ayatollahs are driven by a fanatical and uncompromising ideology based on an extremely peculiar and unrealistic worldview,
    whereas the financial Masters of the Universe are… uh, never mind.


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