(a prophecy)

(a prophecy)

and so it came to pass

that the brigades of Armageddon  got exactly what they wanted
and managed to rush the schedule of God Himself

the Temple was rebuilt
according to plan
the red heifer made ready for sacrifice
according to plan
the script played out
according to plan
the armies came and went
according to plan
just as had been predicted
and just as had been predicted

the Lord returned

and the skies were filled with glory
and just as had been predicted
He began to gather the Faithful unto Himself…

from around the world, the poor began to disappear

the oppressed rose out of hovels and sweatshops
sewing machines and miners’ helmets abandoned
the faces of the children with distended bellies
shone with unearthly light
and then they were gone
in some countries entire prisons were instantly empty
refugee camps fell silent
as their occupants were wafted away

but there in America, there in the heartland
the well-scrubbed faithful with earnest smiles
the insurance salesmen and the nicely coiffed housewives
gathered on the hilltops with their quiverfull families
and waited in vain

they had kept the faith, had they not
they had done everything right, as they had been told
they had identified and convicted the sinners
they had crushed the infidels
they had managed their finances expertly
they had led their children in the path that was straight and narrow
they had mowed their lawns
they had carefully tithed
they had bought the tapes and the study guides
they had voted for the right men
they had sent their sons when requested
they had earned their promotions
they had refinanced at exactly the right time
they had sent blankets to Kenya
they had shared their testimony at the full gospel breakfast
they had backed the Israeli government to the hilt
they had fought for lower taxes
they had defended the institution of marriage
they had filled the stadiums
they had kept their guns at the ready
they had trusted their leaders
they had taken over the country
and now here they were
their feet firmly stuck to the ground

“Why, Lord?” they cried, “why are we still here?”
they had worked so hard for this moment
to see the infidels cast down
into that lake of eternal fire
this was going to be the payoff
for all those years of jokes and putdowns
the condescensions, the refusals to believe
now they would see how wrong they had been
the believers were waiting to hear the sound
of the trumpets
of the wailing
of the gnashing of teeth
and it was not happening

and then He was with them

there in their midst

“My children…” He said, “do not be aggrieved.
I know your hearts, I know your desires
better than you do yourselves.
But listen, those of you who yet have ears —

I have come to free those who are captives
but you have already declared yourselves free;
from what shall I liberate you?

I come to lift up the miserable and give them comfort
but you have already made yourselves quite comfortable;
from what misery shall I release you?

I come to show my power, and to share it with you
but you have already claimed absolute power in this place;
why should you accept a smaller portion?

I come to lead you to paradise
but you have found it fit to make your own;
do I still have anything you want?

I come to level judgment
but you have already judged, sentenced, and executed;
what opinion is left that I should add?

I come to overthrow Mammon’s grip
but you have already mastered his ways;
do you think you have made him your servant?

But listen, you who have ears — you have yet a choice:
Stay here if you will, enjoy the fruits of your labors, it is all yours;
or if you think there may be something more
let it all go, put it all down, and follow Me
and share the Kingdom with all your brothers and sisters
for they will all be there with you, yes, truly I have paid for them all…”

and most heard, and understood
that they had misunderstood so much before
but this was the time for seeing clearly, face to face
and they saw that for their own forgiveness
they must let go of even this final satisfaction

but not all could
no, not all could
they who wanted to be the judges
they who longed to be the executioners
they who saw themselves as the agents of divine retribution,
who would be the wielders of His terrible swift sword
they knew that they had earned the Kingdom
for themselves and themselves alone
it was inconceivable to them
that they might have been mistaken…

but the Lord is perfectly just, perfectly merciful, perfectly fair
He forgives, He understands, He makes provision for all His children
they have their own place now, it is their own paradise
they take turns judging each other
they take turns meting out and receiving
and they are perfectly



(c) 2004, 2009 Skip Mendler


3 responses to “(a prophecy)

  1. Obviously you intend this as a swipe at the faithful middle-class – the dumb self-righteous bourgeoisie who refuse to surrender their lives to nobler elitists. Very Alinskyite of you! If you are truly concerned with the twig of self-righteousness in the eyes of others, you would remove the log from your own eye. This hatred of the middle-class is what unites all aristocrats (the political elites) and socialists – both resent ordinary people who don’t surrender control to them. It has nothing to do with who does more for the poor and I resent the implication that somehow you care more. I assure you, you do not.


  2. Skip-
    A cool prophecy that points up the moral integrity of society. It has a basis in scripture, especailly Isaiah.



  3. Judging and being judged? I am not sure that would make anyone “perfectly happy,” even the self-righteous who believe being agents of divine retribution WILL make them happy. Divine retribution on each other? Better all will gain the Kingdom. Cleansing first, though, I think.


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