What to do with those wornout shoes

Just a reminder from the Bush Regime Memorial Society:

Don’t forget, December 14 is SHOE DAY – the anniversary of the famous George W. Bush shoe-throwing incident.  To commemorate the occasion, and re-emphasize our rejection of the Bush Regime’s policies, send your old/useless/wornout/decrepit shoes (sandals, flipflops, boots, whatever, dead footwear of all kinds) to

George W. Bush Foundation, PO Box 600610, Dallas TX 75206


George W. Bush Library, 1725 Lakepointe Drive, Lewisville, TX 75057

We recommend shipment by no later than December 10.

(If they’re still wearable, of course, donate ’em to a local charity instead.)


2 responses to “What to do with those wornout shoes

  1. Harriett Harris

    Please, Folks, Do NOT waste your money/time sending ANYTHING to gwb !! If shoes are wearable-give to charity, If not then recycle. That thieving bush wouldn’t even notice an onslaught of worn out shoes. His minions would take care of them and then fabricate a BIG LIE about how President BARACK OBAMA is to blame !


    • I don’t expect W to know about – I’m sure the minions in charge of the library won’t tell him. But they’ll know, and more importantly, we’ll know, and history will know, that Bush remains unforgiven and despised.


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