A solution to the health-care/abortion kerfuffle

I’m going to send this little note along to as many Representatives and Senators as I can… If you want more info on this idea (which I have been hawking since, well, ever), see www.sedit.org


As I understand it, there is considerable controversy regarding abortion funding and the health care bill. I would like to suggest a simple yet far-reaching solution, one that places this conundrum in a larger context.

There should be an accounting mechanism instituted whereby a taxpayer can ensure that his or her tax contributions will not be spent on any government activity that contradicts his or her religious or moral beliefs. No American should have to feel that they are violating the dictates of their conscience by fulfilling their duties as citizens. This is, purely and simply, nothing less than a matter of our First Amendment religious freedoms.

Note that I am not talking about any kind of exemption from tax liability. Note also that we already have a similar mechanism in place, whereby taxpayers can choose whether or not to contribute to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.

Under a provision such as I propose, “pro-life” taxpayers who do not wish to fund abortions – or any kind of family planning, for that matter – could tell the IRS of their desires, and know that they are not supporting these activities with their tax dollars. Mennonites, Quakers, or other traditional “peace churches” could similarly direct their payments away from military expenditures. With such a provision in place, the present controversy regarding abortion funding would become moot. Please consider supporting such a proposal.



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