if Obama were really a Marxist…

if Obama were really a Marxist…

… the CEO of Goldman Sachs would have been shot by now

… FOX NEWS would have been nationalized on Jan. 21 2009, and no one would have seen Sean Hannity since then

… your town *would* have a statue of him already. At *least* one.

… the tractor production target for 2014 would already be common knowledge

… “American Idol” would be called “Glorious Talents of the American Proletariat!” and the winner would be some welder from Wisconsin

… Larry Summers would be in a reeducation camp in Illinois

… all Citigroup offices would have been handed over to ACORN a long time ago

… Food Network would have more shows about farmers and migrant workers than cooks

… you’d be hearing the word “glorious” a lot more

… there’d be only one kind of Cheerios available, and they’d be called “O-bama-O’s”

… there would have been “spontaneous” parades and celebrations in every major city in America commemorating the “glorious triumph” of passing the health care bill

… McDonald’s would be serving borscht

… you could keep your gun – but all gun owners would be automatically drafted into the Glorious American People’s Army & “retrained” appropriately


One response to “if Obama were really a Marxist…

  1. If he were a Marxist:

    – Wall Street financial transactions would be taxed … then outlawed.

    – We’d have universal single-payer health care – at a minimum…

    – Workers would OWN the means of production, not a few rich families…

    – There would be NO huge gap between the rich and the poor…

    – Everyone would be housed, fed, clothed and kept well…

    I don’t mean to step on your joke (and, yes, I do “get it”) but you should have titled it;

    “If Obama were really a Soviet Dictator”

    since your answers only apply to that failed experiment in totalitarian state capitalism mislabeled as “Communism” in the USSR, not Marxism…



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