Get BP Stations to Switch

Here’s a simple-to-execute idea to share: if you have a BP gas station near you, stop by and ask to speak to the manager. Find out whether the station is company-owned, or independent. If independent, encourage the manager to consider switching to a different gasoline supplier. (Find out the nature of the agreement – do they sign long-term contracts, or what?) If a large enough number of stations can be persuaded to switch suppliers, that would significantly impact BP’s bottom line.


One response to “Get BP Stations to Switch

  1. I’m getting increasingly uncomfortable seeing the way the US government and media are treating BP. The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is obviously a terrible environmental accident. It’s entirely understandable that the people and authorities are upset and want those who made the mistake to put it right. But it is increasingly looking like the US government is deliberately trying to make political capital out of scapegoating a British company and opportunistically running it down for the benefit of American companies.

    Why are they not equally holding responsible other parties- the American Drilling company, Halliburton and the US regulatory authorities?

    Why do they not let all hell break loose when it is an American company causing an environmental disaster in another country? Do you remember Union Carbide’s killing and disabling hundreds of thousands of people in Bhopal, India? They did their very best to wriggle out of responsibility as much as they could- frankly because they didn’t value Indian lives as much as Americans and because India was a weaker country. So how does that compare to their extreme attacks on BP? American beaches and fish are worth much more than hundreds of thousands of Indian humans. Sad but true.

    Will the US be aggressively running down their own companies in future overseas accidents? I doubt it.


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