“RESOLVED: the USA is a Plutocracy”…? (updated)

Well, so far no one has offered any cogent arguments that the US is not a plutocracy … and since the 2010 midterm election, I think the evidence for such an assertion is dwindling rapidly, despite the countervailing  fact that many of the rich folks who tried to “buy” their seats (e.g., Fiorina, Whitman, McMahon) failed.  The influence of big money, and anonymous money at that, allowed by the Citizens United decision would seem to lock in the  power of money over our “democratic” government for the foreseeable future.

So maybe the next step would be to introduce a simple Congressional Resolution that would explicitly recognize Plutocracy, not Democracy, as the de facto governing system of the United States.

I mean, we can live within a plutocracy – heck, I think we’ve been doing it for a while now.  It might be refreshing for us to just go ahead and admit it. Cut to the chase, stop the hypocrisy…what’s not to like?  The ensuing discussion could be very interesting and enlightening.  Would the American people oppose admitting the truth?  What do you think?

So I did a little research on the wording of Congressional resolutions – and came up with the following.  I’ll happily consider your suggestions!



WHEREAS, both the cost of federal campaigns and the political value of a seat in Congress have steadily spiraled upward in recent years; and

WHEREAS, these circumstances necessitate the raising of increasingly large sums from special interests to finance electoral campaigns; and

WHEREAS, our present system requires that large donors be given special political access to lawmakers, and provided wide-ranging influence over federal budgets, earmarks, regulations, lawmaking and public policy in general; and

WHEREAS, such a system is inherently undemocratic; and

WHEREAS, it will be a cold day in Hell before we, the members of the Congress of the United States of America, enact any truly meaningful reforms of the electoral system;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Congress acknowledges the obvious fact, that Plutocracy, not Democracy, shall henceforth be considered the de facto Governing Principle of the United States of America.


2 responses to ““RESOLVED: the USA is a Plutocracy”…? (updated)

  1. Motivated by a WSJ article that reveals data supporting the development of a plutonomy in the US, I posted earlier detailing the reasons why I believe the recognition is long overdue. Up pops your post dated 2009 adding to the discussion on support of the theory. They are us: Protecting our Plutocracy“” also connects the dots with the level of corporate involvement in our election processes and Private Military Companies within our national defense plan. I’d love to have your feedback if you have the chance to check it out.


  2. The link above is dead. Here is a working URL address:



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