Just what do I think I’m trying to do, anyway?

I seem to have two “arms,” as it were.

On the one hand, I do certain business-related things like technical writing, editing, public relations/marketing, website design, customer service, and computer training.  I group that stuff under the rubric “Skip Mendler Communications.” Call that my “for-profit” arm.

On the other hand, I do other things that relate to creativity, politics, and the places where those two things overlap.  I write newspaper columns and op-eds, do various types of performance (including presentations, speeches, and workshops), teach certain arts, and try to devise and spread ideas through various media that might be helpful in dealing with some of the problems we face.  I design graphics that I put on t-shirts, bumperstickers, and similar merchandise. I also produce events like concerts and lectures. I group these things under the rubric “Citizens Creative.”  This would be my “not-for-profit” arm.

(If I wanted to go to the trouble, I could try to incorporate as a nonprofit organization, but frankly, it’s more economical and less complicated to do this as a “sole proprietor.” I have established Fictitious Name status for Citizens Creative with the state of Pennsylvania.  As such, I simply report any donations I receive as income, and donors don’t get any tax benefits.)

So, there are four ways you could support my work:

  1. Give my “for-profit” arm stuff to do, and pay me for it; or
  2. Buy the stuff I make/design; or
  3. Hire me to entertain and/or educate a group; or
  4. Just donate to my “not-for-profit” arm directly.

More about what I consider that “work” to be in a future post…


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