So I was in this dream, right? And in this dream I was at a party. And in the dream my presence at this party meant that, at long last, I had arrived.  I had passed the audition, I had Made It, I was in with the In Crowd, baby! And there were a lot of other people at this party, and they had also finally arrived. And we were all fabulously but tastefully well-dressed, and we were having the most interesting conversations, and everyone was having such a delightful time…

But then I noticed something.

Everyone kept glancing at my shoes.

It wasn’t just me – everyone was glancing at everyone else’s shoes – and I was suddenly very conscious of the fact that I may or may not have had my shoelaces tied in the correct, appropriate, and proper manner.

You see, I realized even in the midst of all the merriment, everyone was trying to figure out the pecking order. And since we were all fabulously but tastefully well-dressed, since we had all Made It, since we had all, you know, arrived – as evidenced by our very presence at this party – no one knew who had what kind of status.  So they were looking to see if anyone had the wrong kind of shoelaces – or stockings – or shoes – or whatever.  Anything to give them a reason to place themselves above the others – or at least one of the others. And since they were all so occupied with this endeavor, in fact no one was having a good time at all.

I awoke – and never have I felt such relief.


One response to “Shoelaces

  1. Just the other day, I helped my friend figure out how to tie her new walking shoe the way the shoe store person had done. Fortunately, only one shoe had come so thoroughly undone, so we could use the other as a guide. Unlike your dream metaphor, we were simply interested in the comfort of her feet . . . I’d love to have no pecking order . . . but for now, I’ll enjoy being me, and step out of the way of those who need to peck . . .


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