The Four Horsewomen (From The Anticalypse of Sebastian of Appalachia)

1. the four horsewomen

and the voice said “listen up: we didn’t show John everything
and some of what he did see he could not comprehend…”

“he wrote of four horsemen – you know their names well
but listen, if you have ears, and look if you have eyes to see:
for those are not the only riders afoot here at the end of days…”

and there was no sound, no trumpeter to herald them
but lo, I saw four figures riding: & they rode also upon horses
but their horses bore wings

& this was the first horse: red, the dark red of blood;
its reins & halter made of white linen
& her name is Sacrifice;
& her rider was also clothed in white linen,
bearing bandages & herbs of healing
& her name is Cura, called Compassion;
who rides against foul Pestilence & in the wake of the one called War;
& I saw thousands behind her, the healers & caregivers
but slow was their progress
as their tasks were so great,
& their numbers too few
& always the needs increasing;
& this was the first horse

& behold I saw the second horse;
her body dark brown, the shade of rich earth,
& its wings the golden color of freshly baked bread
& this horse is named Awareness;
& upon her rides Satis – whose name means Enough
she rides against cruel Famine
& she bore a basket, into which she gathered, & from which she gave,
& behind her I saw millions, the tenders of the land, the harvesters and cooks
but their progress was slow,
as their tasks were great, their numbers few, & always the needs increasing;
& this was the second horse

& next the 3rd horse, dove-winged – she bears the name Calm,
upon her rides Eirene, or Peace
the one who rides against merciless War
ahead of War, around War, above War,
behind War she rides; War surrounds her,
and she surrounds War; even within War she may be found,
and ahead of her the peacemakers
striving to clear her way
their progress so slow,
their tasks so great,
their numbers so few
& this was the third horse

& behold the fourth horse –  bright green as the leaves of spring,
bearing Vita Ipsa, Life Herself
But behind her in the saddle I saw her pale sister…
I asked: she rides against implacable Death,
but it seems Death rides with her
how can this be? & this was my answer:
“there is Death, inseparable part of Life,
the Death that allows Life to go on –
but there is also Death, fourth horseman,
the one that seeks destruction without rebirth
desolation, sterility, the negation of existence…”

& where are her followers? I asked
but then I understood that I stood in their midst
& our progress will be slow,
& our tasks are so great,
but our numbers are many
listen: the name of the fourth horse
is All of Us

One response to “The Four Horsewomen (From The Anticalypse of Sebastian of Appalachia)

  1. Skip,

    That was a pretty powerful and compelling idea, to posit four positive horsemen (women). If we had a $250,000 budget it could make a memorable video. I wonder how the idea could be mainstreamed, short of a quarter million?


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