Tough Questions

Here are a few “Tough Questions” to contemplate.  I will add to this list as I come up with more…

  • Is the existence of abject poverty a necessary precondition for the existence of billionaires?
  • How can individuals and communities maintain their religious/ethnic/cultural identities while simultaneously participating in diverse, multicultural, pluralistic societies?

One response to “Tough Questions

  1. Frederick S. Bays

    The question of does there have to be poor in order for there to be rich people almost answers its self.

    There isa not one rich person to day or has theree ever been one, who did not get that way by thier labors only. Each and everyone of them has had to either taken form the labors of another or had a relitive do so. to be rich you must take from others.

    the above means that yes there has to be poor in order fotr there to be rich. The degrees of both depend upon the other. The richer the rich get the poorer the rest of us must become.


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