If I were a Communist …

If I were a Communist bent on destroying the US…

… I would make sure that governments at all levels strangled for lack of $$$

… I would make sure all America’s natural resources got plundered – and squandered – as quickly as possible

… i would accelerate the growth in social and financial inequity until social cohesion failed

… I would try to dismantle all forms of public education

… I would increase the # of people living in poverty, so that I could attract more cadres

… I would encourage Americans to adopt a “bunker mentality” rather than create resilient communities

… I would encourage all Americans to arm themselves as heavily as possible

… I would encourage Americans to view their neighbors with distrust and suspicion

… I would tell the American people that there are Communists *everywhere*

… I would tell Americans they are “exceptional” & not bound by the laws of nature

… I would train the people to respond unthinkingly to the diatribes of demagogues

… I would encourage the richest Americans to only think of their own self-interests

… I would remove all barriers to capitalism running its natural, selfdestructive course

… I would merge Church & State so I could overthrow both at once

… or even better: I would make reflexive obedience to the State a religious precept


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