A brief dialogue regarding the nature of the media

Tea Partier: “The leftists control the media, it’s a big conspiracy!”

Rational Guy: “OK, that’s possible – but if it’s all a big leftist conspiracy, why is FOX News still on the air? Why are Rush Limbaugh and all those other right-wing talk show hosts allowed to continue?”

TP: “Are you KIDDING? If they took FOX and Rush off the air, they know there’d be riots in the street!”

RG: “Oh, I see – so you’re saying that their function is to keep the population docile?”

TP: “…!” (head explodes)


One response to “A brief dialogue regarding the nature of the media

  1. I think media is controlled by those that own them…I don’t mean to sound banal and mocking with that…If you owned a media company; do you have any idea how lucrative it could be?

    1. Look for a super low stock and access it’s market and potential growth…if it looks good, buy it all out.

    2.Then use your media outlets to smear the alternatives while promoting your stock heavy portfolio to the ignorant masses and watch them run to it.

    3. Sell the fat bloated stocks.

    4. Rinse and repeat 1-3

    That’s whats going on; nothing drives oil heavy portfolios like war.


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