Idea for an art installation: “THE GAME ROOM”

You enter a game room, filled with arcade amusements, colorful lights, cheerful music, snack foods, etc. Everyone is having a great time. In a far wall, you see a window. People behind that window are waving madly, pointing downward, trying to get the attention of the players, but there’s a sign over the window that says “IGNORE THESE PEOPLE – THEY ARE INSANE. THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO HAVE A GOOD TIME.”

After a while, you are led from this room, down a flight of stairs. Underneath the game room is another room – a torture chamber of sorts. You see that people are working hard, under duress, to drive the machines that run the game room, or are being hurt as a direct result of what is being done upstairs. (The whack-a-mole game, for example, actually connects to a machine that hits someone every time a “mole” gets hit.)

Then you are led back up a different flight of stairs. You stand in front of a window, through which you can see the people in the game room, blissfully unaware of what you have seen, still having a great time. The sign over the window says “IF YOU CAN GET THEIR ATTENTION, AND GET THEM TO STOP PLAYING, THE TORTURES MIGHT STOP.”

You try to catch someone’s eyes on the other side, but no one is looking at you – then you realize that you are now on the other side of the window that says “IGNORE THESE PEOPLE – THEY ARE INSANE…”


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