The Real “World War” is Just Starting

The real “World War” is just starting. It is a conflict between two visions of the future of the planet.

  • In one, humans impose, from the top down, an order of their own design; in the other, humans, working from the ground up rediscover, and learn how to nurture, the complex interconnectedness that has actually been there all along.
  • In one, the Earth eventually becomes a kind of cyborg, all its processes mechanized, all its resources exploited; in the other, the Earth is maintained as a living, self-regulating organism.
  • In one, we humans are destined to become the tamer, and master, of a destructive, unthinking beast called “nature”; in the other, we are destined to recognize ourselves as – and accept full responsibility for being – the brain cells, the cerebral cortex, the very consciousness of what is in fact a very young child, one that is only now beginning to emerge into self-awareness.

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