IN THE YEAR 2025 (Exorbitant and Terminal)

With apologies to Zager and Evans…. it occurred to me that their wonderful old chestnut “In the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)” would provide a great basis for a song re climate change. I’ll give you my present take on it … but I bet that some folks out there could make verses that work better musically, or scientifically, or both … so I will throw this open to the tender mercies of the Folk Process!

IN THE YEAR 2025 (Exorbitant and Terminal)

In the year 2025
If mankind’s still alive
If we’re not completely fried
We may find…..

In the year 2025
Start to see that rising tide
Shorelines begin to disappear
No problem, we can wait another ten years

In the year 2035
Stronger storms taking many more lives
Floodwaters covering so much land
Things might be getting out of hand

In the year 2045
Where are the bees? Where are the hives?
The crops wither in the field
Still the petrocrats refuse to yield

In the year 2055
People starting to flee for their lives
This land’s too wet, this one’s too dry
But anywhere is just right to die

In the year 2065
No glaciers left, no polar ice
The permafrost has gone to stay
Maybe we shoulda tried another way

In the year 2075
I’m kinda wondering just who will be left alive
We’ve chosen to scoff at Nature’s laws
Disasters brought on by an ignorant cause, whoa-oh-oh…

Now it’s just been fifty years
But all those global warming fears
They have all come true
Now the Industrial Age is through

Old Mother Earth is tough
But she’s had quite enough
Now’s the time to change our ways
You know we should have started yesterday….

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