Folsom Prison Guard Blues

(I keep finding new versions of this song… enjoy!)

I hear that train a comin
It’s rollin round the bend
And I ain’t had a vacation
Since two thousand ten
I’m a guard at Folsom Prison
And time keeps draggin on
Twenty years, I can retire
And move to Boca Raton

When I was just a young man
My mama told me “Dear,
Perhaps you should consider
Corrections as a career – ”
So I got a job in Reno
At the County Jail
But when I think what might’ve been
I hang my head and wail

Y’see, I always have liked painting
Loved color and design
So working in these cold grey walls
It’s bout made me lose my mind
Yeah I know I should be grateful
The benefits are free
But this décor is so brutal
And that’s what tortures me

Someday I’ll get my gold watch
When my twenty years are done
You know I’ll head to Florida
And come out into the sun
Yeah. far from Folsom Prison
That day can’t come too fast
No longer stuck in prison
But I’ll be free at last


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