The Start of Fall (a bit of doggerel)

The start of fall, the end of summer –
Some may consider this a bummer
But I don’t feel that way at all
Because I really like the fall.

The fall, that features cooling breezes,
But not yet winter’s coughs and sneezes –
The harvest comes, the corn grows tall
And that’s not all about the fall.

The gates of knowledge now reopen
And though I know each schoolkid’s hopin’
School might collapse roof upon wall
Still nonetheless they like the fall.

A new school year, a pristine slate,
New friends to meet (perchance to date)
An excuse to hit the nearest mall –
Yes, there are good things about the fall.

Now comes that march of holidays
That leave us in a turkeyed daze
Of pumpkins, candy, and football –
A big ol’ party, that’s the fall.

So put away the sunscreen, Jake,
Get out the jackets (and the rake) –
Heed the autumn’s siren call
And have yourself a lovely fall.