It was just getting dark
as we walked in the park
we didn’t notice the storm clouds roll in
the rain started to fall
but we cared not at all
for our romance was set to begin

as the air became colder
my arm wrapped round your shoulder
ol’ cupid was up to his tricks
soon the rain turned to sleet
and my heart skipped a beat
love was waiting in the wintry mix

I’d forgotten my mittens
my nose was frostbitten
but I was so smitten
and your smile kept me warm

midst the sleet mixed with snow
love continued to grow
as the breezes turned into a gale
you slipped into my arms
and I fell for your charms
as the skies blessed our new love with hail

we sloshed through the slush
and my brain turned to mush
but I knew that your touch
would soon help me to thaw

now here we are stuck in bed
with such colds in our heads
but never have I known such bliss
twixt the sniffles and sneezes
come the smooches and squeezes
it’s all thanks to that wintry mix
we found love in the wintry mix


One response to “LOVE IN THE WINTRY MIX

  1. Thanks to Mike Vreeland ( for lyrical contributions


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