Date with Mary Jane

Think of this one as a rave-up in the style of Little Richard:

(note: may not be applicable in all states)

well I knew this girl when I was a pup
look at us now we all grown up

oh baby (3x)… got a date with Mary Jane

she’s been in hiding, she’s been on the run
when we get together we gonna have fun

that Mary Jane she smell so sweet
hang around with her a while then you gotta go eat

well bless my paw and bless my maw
when they were around it was against the law

well I ain’t seen Mary Jane for many a year
when we get together gonna cry a joyful tear

get to know Mary Jane you could do worse
she’s a pretty good teacher and a mighty fine nurse

well Garfield’s a cat and Snoopy’s a beagle
who ever thought they’d make this stuff legal

what’s her name? (“Mary Jane!”) (3x)

ain’t nothin ever gonna be the same
I got a date with Mary Jane


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