Y’know how there are some names that you would be perfectly happy never hearing again in your whole life?  Well, for me one of those names is Ahmed Chalabi, who was one of the leading cheerleaders for the invasion of Iraq. Now, that damn name is coming up again, as a possible replacement for Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki.  Therefore, I resurrect this post from 2004…

Herewith, a small impertinence, regarding the guy who may have misled us (not that we weren’t willing, even eager!) into invading Iraq merely to further the Iranians’ designs and his own ambitions… Enjoy!

To the tune of “Eric the Half-A-Bee” by Monty Python

Chalabi, historically,
Was basically
A wannabe.
But wannabes have fantasies
Of ways to seize their destinies.
D’you see?

So Chalabi was said to be
Or not to be an Iraqi
Who came back home to remedy
Some very ancient injury…

La dee dee, one two three,
Ahmed Chalabi.
A B C D E F G,
Ahmed Chalabi.

Is this wretched S.O.B.,
Our friend, or is he enemy
Is he what he seems to be?
No! He’s Ahmed Chalabi!

Fiddle de dum, fiddle de dee,
Ahmed Chalabi.
Shows you what you want to see,
Ahmed Chalabi.

I’d love to see him R.I.P.,
But if that is not yet to be,
I’d see him live on ABC,
Exposing the G.O.P.

Razzamatazz, whoop-dee-dee,
Ahmed Chalabi.
Loves the Ayatollah Khomeini,
Ahmed Chalabi.

Rummy says, “He sure fooled me!”
Colin Powell begins to see,
But he’s still believed by Dick Cheney,
Ahmed Chalabi!


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