O Cassandra

Cassandra was a princess of Troy
with a face of such beauty and joy
that the great god Apollo
decided to follow
her though she was reluctant and coy

O Cassandra… poor Cassandra…

While plighting his troth one dark night
he gave her the gift of the Sight
yes, he gave her the power
to gaze through the hours
and what she saw gave her a fright


Cassandra knew what fate awaited
the mortals that Olympians dated
so she took her chances
and spurned his advances
but jilted gods get quite frustrated


“You foolish girl, what have you done?
“No one dares deny the god of the sun…
“My gift I won’t revoke
“But I’ll make it a joke
“Henceforth you’ll be believed by no one…”


And so it went on through the years
her prophecies fell on deaf ears
till a horse at the gates
sealed the poor Trojans’ fate
and confirmed her very worst fears


Agamemnon claimed her as his own
She said “You know, when we get home
“A most deadly surprise
“Will flash in front of your eyes
“For you’ll find that your wife’s not alone…”


It all happened just as she’d said
Clytemnestra struck them both dead
But as she fell to the ground
She uttered one final sound
“I TOLD YOU SO” is all she said…


Cassandra, I know just how you felt
No one wants to see the cards they’ve been dealt
Now the oceans are rising
And it’s not surprising
No one wants to believe that a planet can melt



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