Someday when I control the world from my atomic easy chair
I’ll search around the world for you but won’t find you anywhere
I’ll send out drones to bring you home but my search will be in vain
And I’ll have to use my own mind control ray to get you out of my brain

I’ve got submarines that prowl the seas
I’ve got satellites above
But I can’t devise the fiendish plot
That will bring me back your love

I’d love to share my secret lair on that remote volcanic isle
But I’d give it all up in a minute just to see you smile
Yes I’m the mind that lurks behind a dozen vast conspiracies
But it only takes one look from you to drive me to my knees


My fingers are in everything, but I can’t get you in my arms
I manipulate the world interest rate but can’t interest you in my charms
I might control almost the whole of the world economy
But you control my very soul & you’re just not impressed with me



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