(A country song by my cousin Blind Peanut Nicholson…)

I remember the joy of our wedding
You looked so beautiful and so fine
We danced, and we laughed, and celebrated our love
Our happiness flowed like the wine

But the years passed by and love dwindled
One morn I awoke, you were gone
Now my world is collapsing around me
I don’t think I can carry on

“Till death do us part” was your promise
I remember the words that you said
But now we have parted, and you’re still alive
So I must be the one that’s dead

Is this the afterlife? – seems so familiar
I do all the things I used to do
But there’s just no life, now that you’re not my wife
And I do all these things without you

I have tried to be a good man, dear
I have tried to live my life well
But somehow I’ve joined the leagues of the damned
‘Cause without you, this can only be hell



One response to “I MUST BE THE ONE THAT’S DEAD

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