Well I don’t know if you read the news these days
But our CEO just got a big raise
We’re gonna celebrate, we’re gonna do it right
There’s gonna be a big party at his house tonight

We’re gonna party, party – Party at the CE-wo-wo-wo
We’re gonna party, party – Party at the CEO’s

Yeah, all of us workers, all of us drones
We’re gonna be welcomed into his home
Hell, we helped make him rich, it’s the least he could do
I’ll meet you there about five-oh-two


Yeah we can swim in his pool
It’s an open bar
And the chauffeur’s gonna take us for a ride in his car
You don’t have to dress up
You can come as you are
And wait till you see who’s playing guitar

(wild guitar solo)

Well, he got a bunch of options, he’s got lots of stock
So it’s only right we should get to rock
Yeah he’s got a golden parachute
He’ll be OK if he gets the boot


He won’t even be there, he’s down in Brazil
But he won’t mind if we drink our fill
Hell, he better not mind, whatever we do
We could keep him occupied for a month or two

(chorus, ad lib to fade)


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