Hard Drive Gonna Crash

(with all due apologies to Bob Dylan)

Where have you been, my online son?
And where have you been, my connected young one?

I’ve been on the highway that never gets potholes
I’ve been in the web where the spiders are robots
I’ve been to a planet that exists in a closet
I’ve been in a room where the doors are all questions

And it’s a hard – it’s a hard – it’s a hard
It’s a hard drive – gonna crash

And what did you see…

I saw a young girl who had eaten raw data
I saw 10,000 children all starving for upgrades
I saw into a medicine chest of an accountant
I saw the whole world it was littered with snapshots

And it’s a hard…

And who did you meet…

I met a man whose existence was uncertain
I met a woman who gave me her password
I met a man who downloaded his lover
I met another man who downloaded his killer

And it’s a hard…

What did you download…

I downloaded the plans for a prison for millions
I downloaded a scream that broke all my windows
Downloaded a song that made the walls melt away
I downloaded the nails that the soldiers left over

And it’s a hard…

What did you delete…

I deleted five centuries of secret arrangements
Deleted the color between ash brown and lilac
Deleted the word that unlocks all the tigers
Deleted five of the stars that shine over hell

And it’s a hard…

And what did you learn…

I learned not to trust anyone without email
I learned how to say “No, thank you” in Trojan
I learned what lies under the graves of the generals
I learned there are places that no one can enter
I learned why the buzzards have fled for the mountains
I learned there are machines who seek their Messiah
I learned there’s a chance they’ve already found one

And it’s a hard…

So what will you do now….

I’ll go find the places that the children are building
I’ll join in a song that the whole world is writing
I’ll cry in a language that has long been forgotten
And I’ll paint a statue that dances real numbers
And I’ll pilot a drone through the skies of my lover
And I’ll swim through the data until I can breathe it
And I’ll tweet it and post it and pin it and yelp it
But I’ll check my code well before I compile it

And it’s a hard…


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