In Which I Make God Laugh

“If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” – ancient saying

And now, having told my various bosses, I can tell you.

My last day at the Wayne Independent will be Sept. 2.

I will then spend September and October doing what I can – writing, working for campaigns, speaking, whatever – to help keep this country from going totally over the political/mental brink.

After that, once the sentence is passed on Election Day (actually, I predict that Election Day will not yield a clear result, only more confusion, anger, and craziness), I will spend November and December wrapping up loose ends, finishing creative projects, getting rid of unnecessary stuff, and packing…

…because in January I plan to leave the USA, and head to Europe. There, I hope to spend some time with family, and hook up eventually with some form of refugee assistance or peacemaking effort – maybe in a performing arts role, maybe something else. (Now you know why I’ve been telling you about Emergency Circus and Clowns Without Borders and Christian Peacemaking Teams and all that stuff.)

If I survive that chapter, I may continue east… which might eventually bring me to South Asia, Japan, and then back around. That part is still unwritten.

Now you know as much as I know.

(PS. I anticipate no changes in my citizenship or marital status.)


One response to “In Which I Make God Laugh

  1. May the force be with you. Grateful for this witness, Friend. And have a sense that it will foster both a bravery and a conviction you have long hungered for. Celebrating. Traveling mercies. Be well, do good works, and keep in touch. ♥️


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