eros vs isis (2015)

Now listen:
you wanna beat them?
you really wanna beat them?
here’s how you defeat them,
those joyless sexless lifeless brainless idiots
those black-flagged lickers of Kalishnikovs
those bastards who confuse “giving head”
and decapitation:
here’s how you beat them, god damn it:
you beat them
with every mindless grunting spurt
with every beautiful joyful squirt
with every cry of “oh yes oh my god YES”
you drop a bunkerbuster on their heads
more powerful than a dozen cruise missiles
you wanna beat them
you wanna drive them insane
then you hit that dance floor
you grab that hot hunk of flesh from the shadows
the one that makes your knees quiver
and say DO IT TO ME NOW
you wanna send them scurrying
you wanna tell them that they don’t mean shit
then you refuse to play their game
you refuse to call off the party
you refuse to gird your loins
no, thrust your loins into their terrified faces
they cannot handle the fierceness of your desire
they will try to detonate your love
but you will pull them in
into helpless ecstasy


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