A Green Year – updated version available

Start by looking over the “Ten Key Values” and “Four Pillars” of the Green Movement. You might notice that the Key Values can be distributed under each of the Pillars in an almost symmetrical way…

As I was thinking about this, it occurred to me that with the addition of a couple of values, we could make four sets of three, and assign each Value to a month, and each Pillar to a season – thereby setting up a kind of canonical Green Year, that could then be used as a framework for Greens and Green groups.

So I added two, and tweaked some of the terminology a little bit. Here’s the result I came up with. Feel free to make your own adjustments – I know that not every Green will approve of some of my word choices (which is why I’m not submitting this for any kind of organizational imprimatur ;*).

Here’s a brochure version: GREEN YEAR brochure 3.5

For more information, see agreenyear.wordpress.com

First Month (January) – Nonviolence (Dr. King’s Birthday)
Second Month (February) – Restorative Justice (Black History Month)
Third Month (March) – Feminist Values (Women’s History Month)

First Month (April) – Ecological Wisdom (Earth Day)
Second Month (May) – Future Focus/Sustainability
Third Month (June) – Personal & Global Responsibility

First Month (July) – Social Justice
Second Month (August) – Respect for Diversity
Third Month (September) – Community-Based Economics (Labor Day)

First Month (October) – Active Engagement
Second Month (November) – Grassroots Democracy (Election Day)
Third Month (December) – Decentralization


  1. You can either count the months using the equinoxes and solstices as your starting points, or use the standard calendar months. (Alternatively, consider using the overlaps to reflect on the connections between these topics…!)
  2. I have included some key holidays and commemorations that relate to certain values – let me know if there are other special events that could be linked.
  3. Also let me know if you think the order of values within a season should be changed.
  4. Under “Restorative Justice” (the meaning of which can be found here) I also mean to include such notions as mercy and forgiveness.
  5. By “Active Engagement” I mean encouraging citizens to undertake ongoing participation in democracy – not just by voting, but staying informed, writing to elected officials, etc.  If you look back on the original 10KV statement, you’ll see that the “Grassroots Democracy” value is more about setting up systems that allow particpation – this value is about making sure that people use their power.

4 responses to “A Green Year – updated version available

  1. I think it is a wonderful framework…though do tend to lean toward acknowledging seasons with equinoxes and solstices rather than months. I think the addition of active engagement is outstanding. I am obviously actively involved and have been disappointed at how small our activist layer seems to be. Though it is great for folks to register and/or vote Green, we need more people actively involved with the party.
    I wonder what it would take to consider this framework.


  2. alberto Bocanegra

    I see you had Black History month, Women History month which is great but what about the fastest going minority group Hispanic Heritage Month


  3. good job, i can only pick out one of the new ones at first glance and i like, it fits well.
    now i see the other, al;so a good complement to what we had.

    i really like the idea, not sure how excited it will get me personally, but i sure hope it gets people excited because this is definitely a step in the right direction.


  4. Not bad. But why not go from Spring equinox to Summer solstice and so rather then conform to the believers numbering of the year. The true year begins with the growing season which is spring. Then again we are Greens and we should be following the true year not some arbitrary date set hundreds of years ago when Mama earth set it for us form Her forming.


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