A random bunch of my favorite songs

In no particular order – I’ll just post ’em as I think of ’em… These are some of the songs that make me stop in my tracks, turn up the radio, dance in my chair, or even start singing along…. The songs that make my scalp tingle, my heart race, or my mind soar… Some of these songs are part of my self-definition; some mark particular moments, or even eras, in my life…

  • Kate Bush, “The Big Sky”
  • 801, “TNK (Tomorrow Never Knows)”
  • Beatles, “It’s All Too Much”
  • Jane’s Addiction, “Jane Says”
  • REM, “It’s the End of the World”
  • The Who, “Eminence Front”
  • John Cale & Brian Eno, “Spinning Away”
  • The Horse Flies, “I Live Where It’s Grey”
  • Natalie Merchant, “Carnival”
  • Bush, “Machine Head”
  • David Bowie, “‘Heroes'”
  • Roxy Music, “The Thrill of It All”
  • Pink Floyd, “One of These Days”
  • Blue Öyster Cult, “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”
  • George Harrison, “Art of Dying”
  • Peter Gabriel, “I Have the Touch”
  • King Crimson, “Discipline”
  • David Byrne, “Five Golden Sections”
  • Talking Heads, “Houses in Motion”
  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer, “Lucky Man”
  • Cat Stevens, “Wild World”
  • Radiohead, “Karma Police”
  • Foo Fighters, “Everlong”
  • Pearl Jam, “Black”
  • Eddie Vedder, “Big Hot Sun”
  • David Byrne/Brian Eno, “America is Waiting”
  • Human Sexual Response, “What Does Sex Mean to Me?”
  • The Beatles, “I Am the Walrus”
  • Synergy, “Breakdown in World Communication”
  • Stephen Foster, “Hard Times Come Again No More”
  • Bjork, “I Miss You”
  • Kate Bush, “Deeper Understanding”
  • Laurie Anderson, “Big Science”
  • Tom Tom Club, “Wordy Rappinghood”

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