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Three Americas



Screwdisk explains it all for you


I wish we had two words for Death…

Sorry, GOP…

Dinosaur Flatulence

Hey, whaddya know, I won something…!

Well, this is cool! I was at Book Expo America (a great event to attend, BTW) and entered a contest – well, here’s the note I just got:


Congratulations, you were selected as the winner of The New Yorker Book Expo Caption Contest! New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff selected your submission as the best out of more than 80 entries submitted at the show. As your prize, you will be receiving a suitable-for-framing print complete with your winning caption, which will be signed by Bob Mankoff…”

My winning entry (PDF)

The problem in a nutshell


Follow one line in, another out… and repeat