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JUDGMENT DAY (from the Anticalypse)

(An excerpt from the Anticalypse of Sebastian of Appalachia)

And then behold, I found I sat as in a park, upon a bench, in the shade of trees, and the day was clear and bright. And the pigeons did flock all about, and I heard the barking of dogs, and the laughter of children playing. But I knew that beyond this park, all was discord and conflict and fire, and the destruction of the world continued apace.

And next to me sat an angel, tall, dark-skinned, radiant; but he seemed as a street musician or travelling minstrel; and behold he was garbed all in blue, from the soft cloth hat on his head to the shoes of his feet, and butterflies danced upon him, shining with a light like unto rainbows, and the soft tinklings of bells were heard about him.

“The Justice of the Lord is perfect and absolute,” said the blue one to me, “but His Mercy is also infinite. This is the mercy that I know you seek. But consider, and consider well, for this is the choice to be made, by you, upon this, your Day of Judgment: He can extend this mercy unto you, but if so then He shall extend it to all, even those who have harmed or frightened or angered you, whom you have judged to be evil and worthy of punishment. Or he can exact his terrible justice upon them, and so satisfy your thirst for retribution; but then that same awful gaze must needs be turned upon you, and you know what that means.

“And so, beloved… how do you want this all to go down, hmmm?”


The Four Horsewomen (From The Anticalypse of Sebastian of Appalachia)

1. the four horsewomen

and the voice said “listen up: we didn’t show John everything
and some of what he did see he could not comprehend…”

“he wrote of four horsemen – you know their names well
but listen, if you have ears, and look if you have eyes to see:
for those are not the only riders afoot here at the end of days…”

and there was no sound, no trumpeter to herald them
but lo, I saw four figures riding: & they rode also upon horses
but their horses bore wings

& this was the first horse: red, the dark red of blood;
its reins & halter made of white linen
& her name is Sacrifice;
& her rider was also clothed in white linen,
bearing bandages & herbs of healing
& her name is Cura, called Compassion;
who rides against foul Pestilence & in the wake of the one called War;
& I saw thousands behind her, the healers & caregivers
but slow was their progress
as their tasks were so great,
& their numbers too few
& always the needs increasing;
& this was the first horse

& behold I saw the second horse;
her body dark brown, the shade of rich earth,
& its wings the golden color of freshly baked bread
& this horse is named Awareness;
& upon her rides Satis – whose name means Enough
she rides against cruel Famine
& she bore a basket, into which she gathered, & from which she gave,
& behind her I saw millions, the tenders of the land, the harvesters and cooks
but their progress was slow,
as their tasks were great, their numbers few, & always the needs increasing;
& this was the second horse

& next the 3rd horse, dove-winged – she bears the name Calm,
upon her rides Eirene, or Peace
the one who rides against merciless War
ahead of War, around War, above War,
behind War she rides; War surrounds her,
and she surrounds War; even within War she may be found,
and ahead of her the peacemakers
striving to clear her way
their progress so slow,
their tasks so great,
their numbers so few
& this was the third horse

& behold the fourth horse –  bright green as the leaves of spring,
bearing Vita Ipsa, Life Herself
But behind her in the saddle I saw her pale sister…
I asked: she rides against implacable Death,
but it seems Death rides with her
how can this be? & this was my answer:
“there is Death, inseparable part of Life,
the Death that allows Life to go on –
but there is also Death, fourth horseman,
the one that seeks destruction without rebirth
desolation, sterility, the negation of existence…”

& where are her followers? I asked
but then I understood that I stood in their midst
& our progress will be slow,
& our tasks are so great,
but our numbers are many
listen: the name of the fourth horse
is All of Us

The Rider with the Red Nose (from The Anticalypse of Sebastian of Appalachia)

2. the rider with the red nose

“And lo, the next angel blew upon his trumpet, but the sound was not as the other trumpets, but more like unto a goat or a sheep bleating, or like the passing of gas; then did I behold a great white horse, a stallion bedecked with ribbons, which pranced as it advanced; and upon it was a rider, a rider with a red nose, and a pointed hat of many colors; and likewise did his clothes have many colors; and his shoes were as large as the shoes of two men together. And he rode amongst the nations, sometimes standing upon the horse, sometimes riding backwards, sometimes hanging off to one side; and one-third of the armies were felled because they slipped upon peels of fruit, and one-third of the armies were felled because their pants were suddenly around their ankles, and one-third were felled by the cream pies which the red-nosed one flung into their midst. And great therefore was the confusion among the armies of men, and there was much wailing, and gnashing, and kvetching amongst them; and their kings and generals did tear at their hair in their rage, and kick their lieutenants in their keesters. And the Waters of Sel-tzer did spray all about, and great was the spluttering thereof. And the angels and the prophets and those around the Throne were seized with great laughter, and would have watered themselves indeed, had they had bladders with which to water themselves. And the Lamb declared, ‘Behold, that was a good one!’; for truly had the power of men been shown to be vain and of no avail.”