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COVID Limerick #1

It might seem a real simple task:
Wash your hands, keep things clean, wear a mask –
But fears of conspiracies
And other dark theories
Have made that too big of an ask.


In his memoir WOODSTOCK NATION, Abbie Hoffman paints a telling portrait of  himself at the festival’s end – staggering aimlessly around the deserted, trash-strewn field, stoned out of his mind, and crudely propositioning every female he encounters.

That image comes to mind when I try to figure out what happened to the optimistic peace-and-love vision of the hippies, and why 50 years later we find ourselves in a world that seems in many ways the exact opposite of what they were hoping for.

Part of the fault was our own, of course. (I am lumping myself in with the Woodstock generation here, though I was a little bit younger – still only in junior high when Woodstock happened.)   To put it succinctly, I think we were right to claim the freedoms we claimed, but we forgot… or neglected… or refused to accept the responsibilities involved. 

But there was also a backlash. The conservative establishment responded to the social unrest and cultural upheaval that marked the 1960’s with a campaign that was breathtaking in its depth, scope, and audacity. It was also, we must begrudgingly admit, largely successful. 

We can start with August 28, 1971, just 2 years after Woodstock. A corporate lawyer (and soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice) named Lewis Powell writes a memo to his friend Eugene Sydnor, Jr. – Director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Powell decries what he sees as a concerted attack on American economic institutions – indeed, on the American way of life itself. But he’s not particularly worried about Communists or leftists:

“The most disquieting voices joining the chorus of criticism come from perfectly respectable elements of society: from the college campus, the pulpit, the media, the intellectual and literary journals, the arts and sciences, and from politicians. In most of these groups the movement against the system is participated in only by minorities. Yet, these often are the most articulate, the most vocal, the most prolific in their writing and speaking.”

So he recommends that a series of  countermeasures be taken within each of those spheres: education, religion, the media, and so on. And though I can’t say that all these developments below sprang directly from Powell’s memo, we can note the creation of a vast array of new institutions and organizations, and changes in existing ones, within the next few years. (This was not a “conspiracy,” mind you; this was all done quite openly, right out in front of God and everybody.)

Some highlights:

There are many more examples I could cite, of course – from the establishment of think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, from FOX News to the Koch brothers, from ALEC to the Citizens United case. My point is this: these people worked long and hard to bring us to the present situation. Whatever happens to the Trumps and their supporters and enablers, it will take at least as much time, money, effort, and dedication to undo the damage they have caused.

Maybe by the Woodstock centennial, we’ll be able to really celebrate.


Reports of the recent death of Lyndon LaRouche prompted a flurry of responses on the Internet, most asking the same question:

“Are they sure??”

You may not have heard of LaRouche, but you might have seen some of his followers camped out in front of your local post office at one time or another over the past few years, sharing their conspiratorial views on the world with anyone who would listen. LaRouche spun an elaborate and ever-shifting narrative about politics, finance, history, and current events, one that managed to encompass everything from the British royal family to fusion reactors.

One of his biggest bugbears, of course, was something that has been a common trope among conspiracy theorists since probably the time of John of Patmos – the imminent establishment of an overarching one-world government that would eradicate religion, squash freedom, and enslave humanity. Organizations from the Catholic Church to the United Nations, and individuals from Napoleon and Nero to George Soros and Barack Obama, have at one time or another been depicted as the evil masterminds behind this dastardly scheme.

But here’s the funny thing: during all this time, and despite all these frantic warnings, a real transnational government has slowly been establishing itself – not as the result of any bizarre occult conspiracy, but “right out in front of God and everybody.”  If by “world government” you mean an entity more powerful than any nation-state – one that could tell otherwise sovereign nations what to do, enforce its will, and expect to be obeyed – then I submit that the international finance system fills the bill. This system can not only punish those who try to defy it, it has managed to make itself practically immune to outside control.

A recent article on a website run by the Transnational Institute goes into more detail. Entitled “Offshore Finance: How Capital Rules the World,” the article explains how this system evolved – one might say inevitably – from the basic imperatives of capital: to endlessly expand itself, and exploit whatever resources are available. So it does everything it can to remove “stifling” government regulations at every level. In democracies, this means controlling political discussion as much as possible, influencing elections, lobbying and pressuring elected officials, and dangling the hope of rewarding employment at the end of one’s time of “public service.”  And when these means don’t provide the desired effects, it just moves somewhere else. “Offshore finance,” say the authors, “is not solely about capital moving beyond the reach of states, but involves the rampant unbundling and commercialization of state sovereignty itself…. Capitalism only triumphs when it becomes identified with the state, when it becomes the state.”

Such a system would seem at first glance to be invulnerable. But it isn’t.

And that is because there is another “world government.”

In this case, when I say “world government” I mean a set of laws to which all humans are subject – that everyone must follow. Acting in defiance or ignorance of these laws carries severe and unavoidable penalties, without appeal or mercy. This other “world government” predates the first one, and is inherent in Creation itself. I refer, of course, to the laws of nature – of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, all the rest.

These two “governments” are now on a collision course.  The government of global capital has in effect declared war upon the natural world.  It is a war that spans the globe, but being fought for control of one entity – the planet itself. This is, in a sense, a civil world war.

The Mutagenesis Conspiracy

I’ve written elsewhere concerning my thoughts about conspiracy theories… but let me share one with you that I am, in fact, making up out of whole cloth.

I call it… (cue dramatic music) THE MUTAGENESIS CONSPIRACY.

(Great title, isn’t it?)

The first thing you need to know, of course, is what “mutagenesis” is.  It’s the process by which mutations happen in the genetic code in the course of reproduction.  Sometimes these mutations are chance events, sometimes they are caused by environmental factors – but they are one of the key mechanisms by which evolution operates.   Mutatiodnans happen, and then the mutations that are more advantageous in the environment of the moment – that are, as they say, more “adaptive” – get to survive and reproduce themselves.

So: suppose the Powers That Be (whoever “They” are) came to realize that because of all the mucking-about that they’ve done with our ecosystems, humanity in its present form is doomed – it just won’t be able to cope with the increasingly toxic environment. But there isn’t enough time, and we don’t have quite enough knowledge, to embark on the systematic research program would be necessary to design the next version of Homo sapiens… So instead they decide, in their vast wisdom, that the only solution is to greatly accelerate the natural rate of human evolution, in the hope that somehow a variant would emerge that can survive the new conditions.

This would require two things.

First would be to increase the rate of mutagenesis itself. That’s easy enough; they simply start flooding the environment, especially the food system, with mutagens – industrial chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, radiation, and so on.

Do I need to cite examples of how this is presently happening? No, I didn’t think so.

But that’s not sufficient by itself.  Other things have to happen to increase the likelihood of coming up with a viable mutation in time to avoid human extinction. For one, intergenerational turnover  – that is, the time between birth and reproduction – has to shrink.  Also, the birth rate itself has to increase dramatically.  In sum: we need more babies, more quickly.

So, if my theory were true, this might explain why we see the System trying to do two seemingly contradictory things: (a) restricting information about and access to contraception and abortion services, and (b) increasing the sexualization of children, and encouraging them to reproduce at earlier and earlier ages.  (It’s interesting to note, by the way, that the average age of menarche in girls has been dropping in recent decades, thanks in part to the hormones we use in meat products.)

So – let me emphasize again that except for the purely coincidental and anecdotal “evidence” I have already cited, I am not basing this theory on anything. It is absolute and utter speculation.

This theory, like most “conspiracy theories,” isn’t really actionable – that is, it doesn’t suggest what you should or could do about it… But here’s the interesting thing: within the next week, I’ll bet that you’ll see a news story that makes you say, “Hey! That fits that crazy theory that Skip was talking about! Maybe he’s right!”

That is how these things work, of course – conspiracy theories provide you with a framework on which you can hang the random happenings of everyday life, a template if you will. Your mind, which has a wonderful capacity to perceive patterns, spots events that fit this particular pattern, and you put them together into some kind of coherent narrative that helps you try to make some sense of the world.

By the way, any authors out there who find this notion intriguing are perfectly welcome to cop it and use it as a basis for a novel or short story or movie treatment – in fact, this seems so obvious that I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that someone else came up with it already.

I just hope I haven’t given the wrong people an idea.