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COVID Limerick #1

It might seem a real simple task:
Wash your hands, keep things clean, wear a mask –
But fears of conspiracies
And other dark theories
Have made that too big of an ask.

A Few Political Limericks

There once was a creature named Trump
Who thought everyone else was a chump
A vile little toad
Who on history’s road
Will be seen as no more than a bump.

The people who voted for Donald
Thought he was the rebirth of Ronald –
Imagine their surprise
When they open their eyes
And discover how they’ve been hornswoggled.

Let’s talk about Senator Mitch
An insufferable son of a bitch
Who will ruthlessly kill
Any motion or bill
That angers his buddies, the rich.

The Republican Speaker, Paul Ryan
Doesn’t care how many are dyin’
He will gut Medicare
Leave you dangling in air
And he has had quite enough of your cryin’.

Limericks about people in power
May keep you amused for an hour
But make no mistakes
That’s not all that it takes
To make the tyrannical cower.

Limerick for The Hague

A fellow arrived at the Hague
With symptoms both dire and vague
When he spiked a fever
They called Unilever
Who said “Sounds to us like the plague.”

Yoga in a toga (limerick)

A Roman clad only in toga
Attempted to do hatha yoga
Things were going quite grand,
Till he tried shoulder stand
With results that were crude, crass, and vulga.

A philosophical manta ray (limerick)

A philosophical manta ray
Addressing a conference in Santa Fe
Said “I think we all know
That everything flows,
Or as Heraclitus states, ‘πάντα ῥεῖ .’

Neti pot limerick

There once was a Nepalese yeti wot
Said “I do so love my neti pot!
It gives to my sinuses
All pluses, no minuses
And made sure my tissues all weti got!”

Orzo limerick

An avant-garde artist cooked orzo
And spread it all over his torzo.
Said, “I’ve spread vermicelli
All over my belli,
And this is the same, only morzo.”