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Prayer Against Fascism

Dear Lord, Guiding Spirit, Power beyond and around and within us…
as You know, there is a disease going around
a deep and terrible sickness
it attacks the soul, the mind, and the heart
of individuals, communities, cities, of whole nations
it’s infectious, virulent, easily communicable
spread by word of mouth, by constant exposure to lies
by propaganda’s relentless drumbeat
it feeds on fear, ignorance, and bruised pride
and it makes people do horrible things
sometimes in Your Name

let me not succumb to it

keep my heart open to the Other
keep my mind open to truth and to inquiry
keep my soul free of hatred and fear
grant me the courage to speak out
when I see this disease raise its ugly head
grant me compassion both for its victims
and for those infected by it
keep me free from arrogance and illusions of superiority
grant me humility and acceptance
let me never come to believe
that I have any exclusive answer, any special privilege
or that others are any less worthy than I am in Your sight

Lord, I pray for the humbling of bullies,
of those who abuse their power over others –
I ask for their hearts to be healed,
for the calming of their rage
Grant them empathy and inner peace
Let them find what it means to be human again

Help us to celebrate everything that we are
To fully embrace both our diversity and our unity
To care for each other and your Creation
Let the mighty step down, let the lowly be raised
Help us temper justice with mercy
Help us replace dissension with harmony
Help us overcome this disease, this epidemic we call fascism
with the healing power of love. Amen.


a prayer for the rich

Dear Lord, for your assistance I must now humbly ask
For You have set before me a small yet daunting task
For if I am to demonstrate Your love, as is Your wish
Somehow I am supposed to write a prayer for the rich

It’s no big deal to come up with a prayer for the poor
We only have to ask that they might have a little more
But the wealthy, well, they’re something else, a very different breed
A different type of spirit, yes, with very different needs..

But first I have to ask that You look deep within my heart
And take away the feelings that might complicate my part
Let me not speak vindictively, no, let me show no spite
No envy and no hatred in these words that I might write

Help me, Lord, to understand the great burdens that they bear
The pressured expectations that make it hard to care
Help me to remember that they’re mortal just like me
Though they have more within their grasp than I could ever hope to see

Let them not be blinded, Lord, by the glitter of their wealth;
Let them have clear vision, let them see beyond themselves
Open up their hands, their hearts, yes, open up their minds
Help them be good stewards for the sake of all mankind

Protect them from corruption, Lord, from power’s evil lure,
Help them maintain perspective, help them keep their motives pure;
Help them keep peace within their hearts, and not rely on war.
Let them understand integrity. Keep them mindful of the poor.

Lead them through the needle’s eye, and help them to let go
Knowing all things have to pass, and that everything must flow
Teach them responsibility, and help them make the switch:
And then I’ll know You’ve answered my prayer for the rich.