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An Observation by Blind Peanut Nicholson

Mrs. Morgan passed away
I think it was just last Saturday
Today they came to take away her stuff
All her bric-a-brac, and her knick-a-knacks
Her collection of ceramic cats
She used to say she could never have enough

But the demolition crews
They don’t pick and choose
They just tear it out and haul it all away
All the things you used to use
That you were so scared to lose
They never more will see the light of day

A bunch of magazines from the 70s
That she’d kept around “for the recipes”
But I don’t believe she ever really cooked
Some candle stands and some praying hands
A talking fish, some jars of sand
I don’t know what else, I never really looked

Demolition crews
They’ve got no time to lose
They’ve got their job to do and do it fast
All those memories and souvenirs
Leftovers from your younger years
Just like you, you know they’ll never last

Yes, they cleaned it to the walls
And put it all in a pile in the hall
That’s where it was when I came walking by
And I made a solemn vow
Which I suggest you take right now
And clean up all your crap before you die

‘Cause the demolition crews
They won’t take no excuse
From someone who is not there anymore
Take a look at all your stuff
And figure out just what’s enough
And let the rest just walk on out the door