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Crawl from the Wreckage


Through the months and the years
The pressure just grows
& then in a moment
It seems everything blows

She drops the bombshell
The storm systems merge
Tectonic plates shift
As two lives diverge

And then when it’s over
You open your eyes
Surprised to discover
That you’re still alive

Crawl from the wreckage
Pull out of the debris
Take a good look around
At what you used to be

Destruction seems total
Nothing remains
But you still have your hands
And you still have your brain

(chorus 2)
Crawl through the wreckage
Sort through the debris
Try to find what’s still useful
In what you used to be

You feel so abandoned
You think you’re on your own
But just lift up your eyes
You’ll see you’re not alone

Hundreds and thousands
Millions and more
Who have known devastation
This has happened before

(chorus 3)
Pull them from the wreckage
Clear off the debris
Try to make yourself useful
What else is there to be


O Come Ye Together

(with apologies to Lennon & McCartney)

here come that donkey
he carry pregnant woman
she got puzzled fiance
they go to Bethlehem
to pay their taxes cause he’s David’s kin
gotta stay outside cause there no room in the inn

here come the baby
he got swaddlin clothes now
he lay down in the manger
he ain’t got no stroller
he does not cry no he does not yell
sent down from heaven gonna go through some hell

o come ye together
right now
come and see

here come those angels
they sing alleluia baby
they got the sky lit up now
they got the shepherds freaked out
they say yo don’t be afraid
get down to bethlehem and check out this babe

o come ye together
right now
come and see

here come the shepherds
and a kid with a drum kit
here come the wise men bearin
gold myrrh and frankincense
peace on earth good will to all
First Christmas party was in a donkey stall

o come ye together
right now
come and see

The System Functions as Designed

(work in progress)

Just take a look around and you might find
the system functions as designed

the system functions as designed
open up your eyes and you might see that we’re all blind
the system functions as designed

The TV tells you everything but what you need to know
what to buy, what to eat, who to love or hate
what to wear and where to go
yes we have endless choices for things that we don’t need
you can’t choose not to play the game
and you’re not allowed to leave
just set aside your mind
the system functions as designed

why are we so stupid when we’ve all been to school
so easy to manipulate, so easy to be fooled
why are so many hungry while a few are wined and dined
the system functions as designed

the system functions as designed
does just what it’s supposed to do
so you shouldn’t be surprised
as far as they’re concerned y’know
everything is working fine
the system functions as designed


The Songs of Blind Peanut Nicholson – SONGBOOK

We are pleased to announce the publication by Citizens Creative PRESS of “The Songs of Blind Peanut Nicholson – Greatest Hits Vol. 1.” This collection includes the full lyrics for such classics as “You’ve Stolen My Heart,” “De Facto Divorce,” “If You’d Been Thinkin’,” “Moonshine Song,” and more from the Sage of Possum Claw, Arkansas – eleven songs in all! To access the PDF (designed for double-sided printing), just click the link below.

Songs of Blind Peanut Nicholson – Greatest Hits Vol. 1

And be on the lookout for Peanut’s first recorded tracks, coming soon…


Based on “The Little Drummer Boy,” up to…

“Can I play for you (barumpapapum) on my drum…?”

Mary nodded (barumpapapum)
The guys backed up the truck (barumpapapum)
Unloaded all the gear (barumpapapum)
Moved the animals to the rear (barumpapapum, barumpapapum, barumpapapum)
then I laid it down (barumpapapum)
On my drums…


We rocked that stable hard (barumpapapum)
The neighbors called the guards (barumpapapum)
I played my drums for Him (barumpapapum)
Played my ass off for Him
(barumpapapum, barumpapapum, barumpapapum)…

(mp)Then he flashed the sign \m/ (barumpapapum)
For me and my drums…


I was pushing my cart
Through the local Bloat-Mart
When I saw something that near stopped my heart
I had to calm myself
What was that on the shelf
Holy crap, did I just see an ELF?

NO! STOP! It’s too damn soon
We haven’t even seen the Harvest Moon
I’m still working on my tan
So let’s wait a minute man
At least until the cranberries are out of the can!

Now I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong
I love to sing those Christmas songs
But the timing has to be just right

NO! STOP! It’s too damn soon
Someday we’ll start to decorate in June
So put that mistletoe away
No matter what the stores may say
Why can’t we just wait till Turkey Day??

NO! STOP! (etc. etc. ad lib to fade)

SPEED OF DEATH (final version)

the speed of death
is easily reckoned
no matter how fast you run
or in which direction
it’s always approaching
at one second per second

it can’t be avoided
the light it will beckon
but until it calls you
I have this suggestion
live life to the fullest
one second per second